Susan Lowe-Wylde

Accreditation:  BSc Kinesiology, MSc Exercise Rehabilitation, CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist, ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist, CYT (350 hour), AFLCA Group Exercise Leader

Bio:  I began practicing yoga at The Yoga Studio in Calgary in 2004.  The more I practiced the more I appreciated the benefits that yoga brought to me.  I was curious to learn more and enrolled in The Yoga Studio College of Canada’s teacher training program in 2007.  Upon graduation I wanted to share my love of yoga with others and I taught classes at The Yoga Studio and the VRRI in Calgary, and The Canadian Yoga Institute in Lethbridge.  I specialized in beginner, prenatal, and restorative classes.  In 2009, I moved to the Crowsnest Pass and have expanded my teaching to include more challenging classes.  My diverse background includes a BSc in Kinesiology and an MSc in Exercise Rehabilitation, years of leading group exercise classes, and working for Alberta Health Services as a Kinesiologist training people with chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and chronic pain.  I am a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist and an ACSM Clinical Exercise Specialist.  My experience results in a style of teaching that focuses on postural and breath awareness, with lots of modifications, so that everyone can practice yoga with ease.

Interests: Trail running, gardening, knitting

Why I love Teaching:  It brings me joy to support people as they discover the benefits of regular exercise and yoga.  I watch their health and fitness improve which leads to happiness for all!

Grace Dobie

Accreditation: CYA-RYT 200

Bio:  I started practicing yoga in 2010.  Initially, I was attracted to the physical benefits that yoga provides.  I soon realized that there was much more to yoga and found myself wondering why I felt so peaceful during and after class.  This inspired me to study yoga!  I signed up for yoga teacher training at The Essential Yoga Studio in Fernie and completed their 200 hour course. Now here I am ready to teach!

Interests: Kick boxing, running and fashion

Why I love Teaching: It’s a fantastic outlet for me to share my love for yoga with others and a great way to learn.

Michele Schulz

Accreditation:  RYT 200

Bio:   I have been practicing yoga since 2010, and recently completed the 200hr teacher training course through the SATTVA School of Yoga, based in Edmonton.  Originally I took yoga as a stress relief while in university, but it sparked a passion and has since become an important part of my life.  The practice of yoga continuously teaches me how to cultivate balance & mindfulness – both on and off the mat.

Interests: In addition to enjoying all the outdoor recreation opportunities the Pass offers (biking, hiking, x-country skiing etc...), I am a cinnamon bun enthusiast.

Why I love Teaching: I love encouraging others to discover, build upon, and appreciate their own strength.  I am excited to be a part of the growing yoga community at spry, and look forward to witnessing the growth in everyone’s personal yoga journey.

Sarah-Dash Arbuckle

Accreditation:  Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Hypnotherapist, CYA-RYT 200

Bio:   I attended my first yoga class when I was 20 years of age, while at the University of Alberta. Seventeen years later, yoga is still a big part of my life and practice as a Naturopathic Doctor.  I have 10 years post-secondary education and training, and have been practicing naturopathic medicine at The Health Hub since 2004.

Interests: Cooking, being outdoors, traveling, speaking and writing.

Why I love Teaching: Naturopathic principles encourage balance in body, mind and spirit.  Yoga and hypnosis are some of the tools I use to teach individuals to lower their stress levels and improve their overall health.

Sarah Thomsen

Accreditation:  250 hour IYA

Bio:   I became interested in yoga at the age of 17 and my experimentation and inquiry into this world continues to this day.  My inquisitive yoga pursuit has led me to many places in the world to study, beginning at The Kripalu Center for Yoga Healing and Health in Massachusetts, USA.  There I lived for four months and studied Kripalu Hatha Yoga and participated in Seva (a karmic yoga volunteer program).  This particular experience of being surrounded by other yogis, further peaked my interest in Yoga. In 2004 I went to live in Victoria, BC where I acquired my long-desired Yoga Teacher Training certificate for 250 hours at the Moksana Yoga Studio.  After completing this three-month course I travelled to the Big Island of Hawaii to live, study and work at the Kalani Center for Healing.  Here I spent another five months practicing various types of yoga Asana from gentle Hatha and Ashtanga, to power Vinyasa and partner yoga.  Soon the urge to travel to India became a serious priority!  For three months in 2008 I travelled to Mysore, India, studying Beehmashkti Yoga and taking in the beautiful Indian culture.  After India my yoga adventure brought me to Northern Alberta to the tiny town of High Prairie.  There I successfully ran a small yoga business for one year, contracting out as a private instructor to the surrounding community, including two drug/alcohol rehabilitation centers.

I am currently delving deeper into my determined home practice while enjoying the challenges of balancing motherhood and self-care!

Interests: Yoga, growing food indoors, swimming, surfing, making terrariums and I love love love being OUTSIDE!!

Why I love Teaching: My personal passion with yoga extends through its ability to heal people physically (from tension and injury) and to heal the heart and mind through meditation and breathing exercises.  I teach yoga to encourage my students to see past their physical bodies and concentrate on the development of the emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Penny Mac Phail

Accreditation:  CYA-RYT 200

Bio: I have been practicing yoga since 2008 and a bit here and there before that.  During my years of yoga, I have been fortunate to have practiced with some incredible teachers who have inspired me in so many ways. Along with the physical benefits, practicing yoga brings me to a sense of peace and calmness.  I have practiced in a variety of yoga styles and whether it is a restorative class, flow or hot yoga or even a beginner class, I truly enjoy and have fun at each class. My passion for yoga is a very important part of my life and wanting to share that passion with others prompted me in taking the Canadian Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at the Essential Yoga Studio in Fernie, BC in the spring of 2014.

Interests:    Yoga, Riding Horses, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Fishing, Cooking, Camping and Snorkeling

Why I love teaching: To share my love and passion for yoga! I hope and wish to inspire others to connect with yoga as a wonderful way to relax, strengthen, let go and feel great about themselves.  Teaching motivates me to keep learning and growing within my own yoga journey as well.

Angel King

Accreditation:  AFLCA Group Exercise Leader

Bio: I started instructing an older adult fitness class in 2011 for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass. I soon began to realize that as I gained more experience and knowledge, the more passionate I became. In 2013 I became an AFLCA certified instructor for group exercise and I continue to instruct what we now call the Exercise for L.I.F.E group fitness class at the MDM Community Centre. 

Interests:I enjoy spending time with my family and anything to do with the outdoors, especially walking or running with my dogs. I love cooking and baking and of course indulging in my creations! I also love getting together with friends especially for a great game of poker!

Why I love Teaching:  It's so rewarding and inspiring to be part of someone's journey to live a healthy lifestyle and to see all the positive changes in their lives. 

Melissa Neumeier

Accreditation: RYT 200, Yoga Teacher Training 500 Hours

Bio: In 2000 my workplace held a noon hour yoga class for employees.  I attended and enjoyed the stretching and routine of the class. The remainder of the day I felt like I was buzzing! I was hooked.  I started going to yoga classes a couple times a week at my local fitness centre in Calgary.  For the first time in my 20’s I felt good about myself physically.  Over the next decade I regularly attended classes, became a recreational runner and started to take better care of myself.  Yoga continued to be a part of my life as I became a mother, having two small children made it hard but the desire was still there.  In 2013 my family and I moved to Chennai, India.  This was my opportunity to do lots and lots of Yoga!  With the intention to learn enough to have a regular home practice, I enrolled in yoga teacher training at Yoga Raksanam in Chennai.  Yoga Raksanam teaches in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, the instructors having studied and taught at  Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM).  I am very honored to be part of this yoga teacher lineage. The experience of spending 500 hours over 2 years learning from Indian instructors along with a handful of students from around the world was truly unique. I definitely achieved my goal of building a solid home practice and along the way I came to recognize I wanted to share my experience through teaching. 

Interests: travelling, cooking, crafting, knitting, hiking, camping, xc skiing, reading

Why I love Teaching: I look forward to sharing the traditional Indian yoga experience I was fortunate to have.  Teaching is an opportunity to share with others, from increasing flexibility and strength to expanding mindfulness and confidence, both for myself and for you.

Kendra-Ann Kennedy

Accreditation: Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, Bachelor of Education, AFLCA Group Exercise Leader

Bio: Staying healthy and fit is a huge priority in my life. With great health, everything else in life is easier and more reliable. It opens doors in many other areas of life to enjoy. I have been teaching fitness class since 2013 and love supporting others to reach their goals. Having a background of Physical and Health Education has led to me coaching at the elementary and high school level and permitted me to challenge myself in my own fitness areas. I feel that I have a fun approach to working out and I invite all levels of exercisers to achieve their personal best!  

Interests: Jogging to explore my community. Socializing with friends and meeting other members of the community, staying up to date on the latest fashion trends while creating my own.

Why I love Teaching: I enjoy teaching as I know I can assist people with their goals and show them that these goals are not unrealistic or out of reach. It’s inspiring watching people find a power in them that they never knew they had. I love being apart of such a positive environment and fitness is large component of my lifestyle.